The 411
Show Name:

Relaxed Atmosphere All-Star Event

September 1-2, 2007

Venue (City/State):
USA Stadium, Millington, Tennessee

Spec Tator At Tendance:

Total Vehicle Entrants:

Special Awards Given:
Acrylic flame trophies for the top 50 and large gold cups for the specialty awards

Special Events:
Saturday night after the show ended for the day, the Relaxed crew opened up the main strip for several hours of dragging.

Big Willie's Rod Shop, Bullock's Body Werks,Drop 'Em Wear?, 901 Sounds, Grant Kustoms,Kinetik Batteries, Little Shop of Horrors, PolkAudio, Silver Star Customs, Slik MonkeyCustoms, Twin State Customs, Hub Cap Annie,Keef's Rod & Custom, Bounz,, and Graphic Disorder

Contact For Future Events:
Chris, (270) 898-8996, (270) 366-1271;Jerry, (901) 212-7497