PebblePushers is a mini-truck club based in the Carolinas that prides itself on building clean and ultralow trucks. The tight-knit group plays it close to home by not expanding the family into other states. Scr8p Fest is PP's show, and the club just celebrated its 10th anniversary with probably the best showing of trucks to date. If you're looking for quality trucks to get ideas from, then mark your calendar for next year's event.

The 411
Show Name:
Scr8p Fest X
Dates:September 21-23, 2007
Venue (City/State):Concord Motorsport Park, Concord, North Carolina
Spectator Attendance:5,000+
Total Vehicle Entrants:389
Special Events:A Dragging Contest That Is Held On The Pit Road Of A Nascar-Sanctioned Racetrack.
Sponsors:Carquest Auto Parts, 110 Kustoms, Mcdonald's, Hairston Enterprises, Shelton Fireworks, Marvin Motorsports, Street Styles, Lift Spot
Contact For Future Events:Pebblepushers@Aol.Com,Www.Pebblepushers.Com

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