As October approached and the show season started to wind down, a group of show promoters in Texas were thinking of a way to thank the people who made their respective shows successful throughout the year. So what better way to say thanks than to throw a free event? How about free food and free beer? If this sounds good to you, then Weeniestock is your show!

Held at Bagwurx Customs in Cypress, Texas, a suburb of Houston, Weeniestock was not only designed to be an appreciation show but also a means for everyone in attendance to have a good time and let off a little post-show-season steam with an emphasis on club participation and games. And games there were. The Weeniestock crew had a little something for everyone, including a Fear Factor-style contest and a fat guy contest (a favorite among mini-truckers everywhere). Of course it wouldn't be Weeniestock without a hot-dog eating contest-and boy did they ever eat. If eating wasn't your thing, then you could challenge "Whataburger" to a drinking contest. All of the games created a truly lighthearted vibe. At this show, winning a trophy just seemed to be the last thing on anyone's mind.

Of course, with all the fun and games it was easy to forget that this was still a truck show and there was still a huge amount of headturning rides to be found all over the show grounds. Anything and everything was on hand from ground-hugging body drops to nosebleed 4x4s and a little bit of everything in between. If you were looking for hardcore audio/video rides, you could find those too. Throughout the day, more and more trucks arrived and by the end of the day it was clear that the Weeniestock crew might have to consider moving to a larger location sometime in the near future.

After the custom toilet-seat trophies were handed out and all the free beer and hot dogs were gone, everyone packed up and headed home with a big smile on his or her face.