Resolutions is one of the most popular shows in the custom-truck scene. The event draws hundreds of mild to wild custom vehicles and boasts unforgettable nights of hanging out with fellow truck enthusiasts. For decades, many have traveled long distances to several desert towns in California to live it up at this original truck run.

Unfortunately, the cost of producing the show has risen, and instead of upping entry prices, promoter Bob Hase has decided to call it a day. Though it's sad to see the end of this 32-year-old show, Sport Truck was lucky enough to be part of one hell of a final celebration. This being the last show, many made their biggest effort to be in attendance, with or without a vehicle. There were more faces than ever from other states and distant countries. It was all in the name of making the final show memorable-and it truly was.

THE 411
Show Name


December 28-30, 2007

Venue ( City/State )
Colorado River Fairgrounds, Blythe, California

Spectator Attendance
Over 3,000

Total Vehicle Entrants
Over 1,400

Awards Given:
First Place, Club Participation went to Severed Ties which brought out 133 vehicles. Second went to Freaks of Nature with 107 rides, and Third Place went to No Regrets with 34.

Special Events
This being a true three-day truck run, a large part of the fun invloved camping and hanging out. The party went on for several nights, and unless you brought three layers of clothing, you froze your ass off. But it's all part of the full-on truck-run experience, and this event will be sorely missed.

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