After taking a year off while show promoter Eddy Cebreco relocated to California to come work with Sport Truck, Blood Drag was moved 688 miles north to Anderson, South Carolina for 2008. Because of the move, the Anderson County Blood Bank became the new recipient of donations received at Blood Drag. With warmer-than-usual weather, showgoers couldn't have asked for a better weekend to spend time with friends and make new ones and donate a pint of their blood for a great cause.

Topnotch clubs like Negative Camber, No Regrets, Acrophobia, Pebble Pushers, Severed Ties, and Relaxed Atmosphere brought out a gang of quality vehicles. There were a few new trucks showing off what their owners had been doing in the cold of winter. Crime Pays Video and Sikness DVD were in attendance to capture the show action. Up-and-coming shop, Moonshine Customs, and the well-known Little Shop of Horrors were also on hand exhibiting some of their newest creations.

Keep your eyes glued to Sport Truck's show calendar for Blood Drag '09 because Eddy and crew have plenty in store!

The 411
Show Name:

Blood Drag

February 8-10, 2008

Venue (City/State):
Anderson Co. Fair & Expo Center, Anderson, South Carolina

Spectator Attendance:
Over 2,500

Total Vehicle Entrants:

Awards Given:
Bruce & Eddy Award and the Scott Childress Best of Show Award

Special Events:
On-site blood bank and framerailing contest

Drop 'Em Wear?, Drop Jam, Little Shop of Horrors, Moonshine Customs

Contact For Future Events:

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