Ah, spring time. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and low-profile tires are burning. April is a great month to clean up your rig, head for a destination show, and show off your hard work while some hardbodies check out the scene. Lake Havasu, Arizona, works well in this scenario, and once again the first stop of the annual Havoc Show Tour found us partying next to the infamous "channel."

The channel is an aquatic cruise spot for the slickest West Coast powerboats, so stationing the show on the golf course above the channel translated into hotties in bikinis checking out the trucks all weekend long. Not a bad deal if you ask us. Havasu Havoc was powered by General Motors, which had brand-new trucks hitched up to custom boats on display. If you weren't into horsepower on water, then the show offered a righteous bikini contest and vendors selling everything from T-shirts to air compressors to DVDs. It was an awesome gathering of the best lowered and lifted trucks the West Coast had to offer in April.