Despite popular belief that SoCal has it all, the truck scene in Central California is definitely where it's at. Even though there is no major metropolis between Los Angeles and San Francisco, there happens to be a plethora of trucks in the central region. We think that farmers of this agriculturally rich area have genetically altered seeds so much that they have found a way to grow custom trucks. Though that may not be entirely true, custom trucks are definitely sprouting up everywhere in this valley and it seemed like the perfect place for the latest stop on the Havoc tour.

The only thing that could have held this show back would have been a boring venue. When shows are set on flat parking lots, it makes for a very troublesome time of walking up and down every aisle. Well, this show did not have that problem because it was held at the Fresno Big Fairgrounds. This place was very interesting to walk with its many different aisles filled with trucks and separated by trees and buildings. If that wasn't enough, vehicles that made it to the show early were able to snag indoor spots in the three designated buildings. The only thing that was a hassle to contend with was the hot summer weather, but you can't control Mother Nature. Overall, the show was a success in its debut and it will be back next year, so be prepared.