First thing Sunday morning, we had a driver's meeting to make sure everybody was on the same page before we set them loose on the track. Each contestant got to blast three runs down the quarter in an attempt to click off the lowest time possible. Some trucks were slow and some were fast, but everyone was having a good time and that's what it's all about.

Once all of the timeslips were handed in, we corralled the trucks in one area and started judging. Mike Finnegan paired with Lou Santiago, and Calin paired up with Mike Cotten. We grabbed a couple of competent builders just so we had another professional set of eyes to glance over the trucks. After a few hours, we had looked at every truck and it was time to compile all of the information and figure out who won the trophy.

The Challenge will be back again next year, but we're changing the rules just a bit so keep an eye on the magazine. Once we get it all worked out, we'll let you know. For now, please enjoy the 2008 Sport Truck Challenge.

1st: $500, Drop 'Em Wear? jacket, Sikness DVD, and goodie bag*
2nd: $250, Drop 'Em Wear? clock, Sikness DVD, and goodie bag*
3rd: $100, Drop 'Em Wear? shirt, Sikness DVD, and goodie bag*
4th: Drop 'Em Wear? shirt and goodie bag*

The goodie bag was filled with posters, a Big Vic hat, a Havoc DVD, and some Havoc event Shirts.

Gas vs. Diesel
For this part of the event, we grabbed the fastest gas truck still running (Todd Sherwood's) and the fastest diesel (Barry Phillippi's) and set them on the starting line. Instead of going heads up, we decided to have them bracket race. We took each truck's fastest e.t. and used that as the dial-in. Todd got a 0.89-second head start because his dial-in was 12.82 compared to Barry's 11.93. The head start didn't really matter because Todd's foot got a bit heavy at the start and he smoked the tires a bit. Barry's diesel hooked right up so he reeled in Todd in the first 60 feet. Barry kept his lead all the way down the 1320 and won himself an ultra-bitchin NOS N2O controller.