Lake Charles, Louisiana
No matter how much planning is involved in a show, it can all go down the drain if the weather is unbearable. If the forecast calls for rain, generally most people will not want to attend or bring their valuable vehicles so that they can get muddied in the wet weather. It is one thing to deal with rain, but it is another when you have it combined with the strong winds of a hurricane. That is exactly what was in store for the Lake Front Tour show in '08. Hurricane Gustav was supposed to hit Louisiana during the very dates of the event, with Hurricane Ike forming closely behind it. Fortunately, the first storm came early and the weather was clear by time the show came around.

Though the Lake Front Tour is generally a more relaxed show in the South, the problem happens to be the time of the year it's held. The date usually falls on the second weekend of September, which is smack dab in the middle of hurricane season for the area. This year both storms missed the show, but the promoter is tired of dealing with unpredictable weather. To make sure that a hurricane does not affect it in the future, the dates for the '09 event have been moved forward to April 17-19. If all goes well, this should result in a show free of towels and chamois.

The 411
Show name:
Midnight Fantasies Lake Front Tour

September 8-9, 2008

Venue (City/State):
Civic Center, Lake Charles, LA

Spectator Attendance:
More than 7,500

Total Vehicle Entrants:
More than 500

Awards Given:
All Best Of winners received custom airbrushed skateboards. All other winners in each class got custom-etched glass trophies. The Club Participation award went out to the boys of Severed Ties, who were out in full force.

Special Events:
The first day of the show held a monster truck car crush. New this year was a tug-o-war contest that had a First Place award of $100. After the show, most went to hang out at the local hotels or the nearby casinos. Sunday featured a bikini contest that had $1,000 up for grabs to the many hot girls who showed some skin on stage.

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