Killer trucks, big stars, awesome cars, trick parts, and beautiful women-this is what the SEMA Show is all about. This is where the best and brightest fabricators and builders debut trucks that they've spent as little as a week crafting for major industry players and aftermarket parts companies. This is where the entire automotive aftermarket and media industry comes together to do business and at the same time, party its collective ass off. The average gearhead can't get into the show unless they are crafty enough to jive their way into scoring a coveted badge with a fake name on it like Zip Tie. This is the one event we wait all year long to attend just so we can come back with photos of the baddest iron on earth.

We won't lie-the show was small this year, much smaller than it's been in a long time. There were quite a few big players missing from the aisles. Still, the show was crowded with hot models and the quality of the hardware was on par with anything we've seen at recent shows. In fact, with the exception of the usual bevy of trucks that arrive either not in running shape or missing their interior, we'd venture to say that the quality was top-notch. Check it out.