Nothing gives show promoters more headaches than bad weather. You can do everything right, publicize the event in a dozen different ways, select the perfect location, and, a day before the show, the weatherman can ruin everything. The February Blood Drag event in Perry, Georgia, ran into that exact situation, with a bleak forecast for the weekend. Luckily, the huge indoor facilities had plenty of room for spectators, especially when the sirens went off indicating a tornado! The funnel cloud was visible from the front gate, causing show organizer Jon Fulmer to break the 4-minute mile record while running to safety. Within an hour, the sun came out, the crowds ventured into the outdoor display spaces, and the magazine photographers began shooting features.

Sunday morning was another weather treat, with 2 inches of snow falling throughout the morning, making this one of the most unique weather events in recent memory. Snow and rain didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the crowd, and more than a hundred handmade plexiglas trophies rewarded the brave drivers at the awards ceremony. Special thanks goes to the host club, No Regrets, for handling parking and judging, to show organizers Jon Fulmer and Cagney Hart, for the facilities, and to Eddy Cebreco, the show promoter.

The 411
Show Name:

Blood Drag

February 28 - March 1, 2009

Venue (City/State):
Georgia National Fairgrounds, Perry, GA

Spectator Attendance:

Total Vehicle Entrants:

Awards Given:
More than 100 plexiglas trophies

Special Events:
Weather survival training!

Drop 'Em Wear?, Moonshine Customs.

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