Whether you're celebrating samhain, el dia de los muertos, or just plain old halloween, here's our spooky october edition of monthly detours: famous graves!

Dimebag Darrell: Arlington, Texas
The former Pantera guitarist was shot while performing with his new band Damage Plan by a psycho fan.

Johnny Cash: Hendersonville, Tennessee
Whether you're into rock, disco, or country, Johnny Cash is probably in your iPod. The Man in Black died of complications from diabetes.

Al Capone: Hillside, Illinois
Capone went out in true "gangsta" style after contracting syphillis. Maybe more like "playa" style!

Rodney Dangerfield: Hollywood, California
Rest in peace funny man. You have all of our respect. Rodney died of complications from heart surgery.

John candy: Los Angeles, California
Another great funny man gone. Uncle Buck kicked the bucket with a heart attack while filming in Mexico.

Bernie Mac: Chicago, Illinois
Pneumonia. That's right, America, the King of Comedy was taken out by a severe cold.

Dale Earnhardt:
Mooresville, North Carolina

The legendary NASCAR driver was killed doing what he does best. No, you can't visit his grave as he's tucked away behind the family farm.

Gene Siskel: Chicago, Illinois
One half of the legendary film critiquing duo of Siskel and Ebert, Gene died from a brain tumor. We give this two thumbs way down

Jimmy Hendrix: Renton, Washington
The offical cause of death was "asphyxiation caused by inhaling his own vomit," although there is a big mystery as to why he basically drowned.

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