What's a road trip without a little detour? Check out these sights and send us a postcard to let us know if we wasted your time.

Horrible Trainwreck: Chatsworth, Illinois Perhaps the greatest train wreck in railroad history happened here back in 1887. Of the 500 passengers, 85 were killed with dozens more injured. The train crashed after hitting a burning culvert. Let this be another lesson: Trains are evil and should be avoided at all cost. That and well... hobos are scary.

Conan Da Barbarian Creator MUSEUM: Cross Plains, Texas Just the little house of Robert E. Howard, who wrote the Conan stories in the early 1930s. Not much to see here, but for a really good time rent "Conan the Barbarian" on DVD and watch it with the commentary on. You'll thank us later.

Zam's Swamp Tour: Thibodaux, Louisiana If you've got your fill of beads, booze, and boobs, head on down to the bayou and spend some time with Wild Bill. Be sure to tip him enough to buy a six-pack and he'll drag scaly critters out of their display pits to pose for photos. Watch out for the old-ass turtle though... he'll bite your leg off!

Coca Cola Inventor's Grave: Columbus, Georgia Dr. John S. Pemberton was a pharmacist, Confederate soldier, and just so happened to create the world's most popular soft drink. We guess if you really want to, you could get all amped up on some caffeine and sugar and dance on his grave.

World's Largest Kaleidoscope: Mount Tremper, New York What do you do if you have a 60-foot tall grain silo, a quarter million in cash, and a purple haze all in your brain? Build the world's largest kaleidoscope of course.

Biggest Pit In The World: Copperton, Utah Who's got the biggest hole? Utah! The Bingham Canyon Mine is a man-made giant hole in the ground. At half mile deep and 2 1/2 miles wide this deep hole rivals the Grand Canyon. Take that Mother Nature!

Turtle Made From Rims: Dunseith, North Dakota This takes recycled art to a whole new level. 2,000 steel rims all welded together make up this giant turtle. It was built in 1982 so it's probably rolling on some 15s. We want to see a modern version on some 24s!