What's a road trip without a little detour? Check out these sights and send us a postcard to let us know if we wasted your time.

National Firearms Museum:
Fairfax, Virginia
Guns! Guns! Guns! If it fired a round, it's in here. The NRA's Firearms Museum features a multitude of historic weapons from decades past.

Man-Eating Tree Root:
Providence, Rhode Island
When Roger Williams, the founder of Rhode Island, died in 1683, he was buried in an unmarked grave in a yard. A couple hundred years later somebody decided on a more proper burial for such a dignitary. After unearthing his grave, they found an apple tree had taken root through his body and eaten him...dead! The carnivorous tree root is on display in Providence.

Concrete Outline Of USS South Dakota:
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
The USS South Dakota was the most decorated battle ship of the WWII era. It was in every major battle during the war and also the first ship to fire on the Japanese islands. After the ship was decommissioned, a concrete outline of the ship was constructed and actual components of it were placed inside the outline. The anchor and chain, a 16-inch gun, and the ship's bell are all in place.

Giant Skinny Indian:
Kingsport, Tennessee
What does a town do when the local high school mascot is The Indians? Erect a 30-foot-tall skinny Indian of course!

Popeye Statue:
Chester, Illinois
Elzie Segar, the creator of Popeye the Sailorman was born in Chester in 1894. As a tribute to him and his nautical character, a bronze Popeye statue was erected in 1977.