Before this butterscotch beauty got its ICE upgrade, it underwent a number of substantial modifications where Jeff Davy, owner of Devious Customs in Ontario, California, totally transformed the Ram in record time for its 2002 SEMA debut. Since the plan called for 24-inch wheels and tires, which, due to the fact that the car was all-new back in 2002, required both creativity and ingenuity. The first call was placed to the Air Lift Company, which provided the necessary components to scrape the tarmac. The Air Lift components included four 2B7 Extreme airbags, two reserve air tanks,1/2-inch air line, and two VIAIR 450 compressors.

To get everything to fit under the Ram's bodywork, Davy had to completely re-engineer the suspension, fabricating custom front A-arms along with making changes to the rear framerails; this was in preparation for the installation of the Devious Customs four-link rear suspension. To keep the suspension under control, after the installation of the airbags, Belltech Nitro Active shocks were mounted at each corner.

The conversion of the driver's rear door comes courtesy of Troy Ullola at Infamous in Ontario, California, who did the vast majority of the initial bodywork before the truck was transferred to the able hands of Steve Deman at Deman Custom Paint in nearby Chino, California. There, the eye-popping PPG Orange Pearl paint was applied. Denman was assisted by "Masa," who calls Chiba, Japan, home, along with Ed McGrath. And to accent the butterscotch-orange paint, the bed was sprayed with a Line-X spray-on truck bedliner, a custom mix supplied by Marcel Venable.

Bucaro knows full well that his truck would never have become a rolling reality without the help and assistance of many friends. They include No Limit Engineering, which supplied the 20-gallon fuel cell; Grant Fabrication, which supplied wheeltubs; Sir Michaels, which supplied the handle relocator kit; Oakley Hunter Dodge; The Car Wash; Eastside Muffler; and Meguiar's, which supplies the car-care products so necessary for keeping that paint in show condition. Bucaro told Sport Truck that his ride has been immortalized in 1/18th scale by Jada Toys, and Keith at custom-built the model as a 4X4 interpretation, just in case Bucaro ever decides to lift his truck instead of slamming it. Most of all Bucaro, would be remiss in not thanking his mom, who has been there at every step of his long rehabilitation and helps out with transportation logistics.

Finally, Bucaro has parlayed his obvious talents into a new venture, Check Me Out Customs (, in an effort to capitalize on his abilities to put together a custom sport truck program for others. With his experience in building his pair of impressive Rams, Bucaro is uniquely positioned to help others turn their dreams into four-wheeled reality.