Roush is at it again, building upon the success of its mod motor Mustang program by producing a hot-rod sport truck. The standard cab Nitemare F-150 has plenty of features to get you excited, too. Besides the fact that the company is only producing 100 of these bad boys, the three-valve, 5.4L Triton V-8 has been boosted to 445 hp via a supercharger. Reportedly putting 500 lb-ft of torque to the crankshaft, the F-150 also boasts a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty. A 3.73-gear limited-slip rearend puts the power to the pavement.

A sport suspension system lowers the truck 2 inches in the front and 3 in the rear, and includes Roush-spec front coil springs, rear leaf springs, front sway bar,and specially valved shocks. The Nitemare only comes in black but does have enough exterior mods to make up for the lack of color choices. A chin spoiler and black aluminum billet grille are some of the more noticeable items. The list of options includes a rear wing, a hoodscoop, locking lug nuts, and a GPS navigation system.

The Styleside 4x2 truck will set you back $41,750, and on paper this seems like a pretty good deal, except for that pesky 105-mph speed limiter. For more information, see your local Roush dealer, visit,or call (800) 59-ROUSH (597-6874).

Sport Truck's MuscleSport Truck staffer Galen Armenta just picked up a new ride and is already well on his way to turning it from a plain-Jane Chevy Colorado into a righteous ride. Taking styling cues from vintage Chevy musclecars, this truck will receive a two-tone champagne and black paintjob, reminiscent of an old Smokey Yunick Chevelle, with a rear bumper that mimics one of a '69 Camaro. Eye Kandy Designs already whipped up a rendering to show off the lowered stance the Belltech suspension, MB Wheels, and Hankook tires provided. The rolling stock came from Discount Tires Direct. Stopping power is going to be improved dramatically via Stainless Steel brakes. The front end of the midsize sport truck will receive parts from Street Scene and Goodmark. With 3.73 cogs in the rearend, a four-speed in the middle, and a 242hp Inline five-cylinder engine under the hood, the Colorado already moves well, but Galen also has a bit of boost planned to make the drive more lively. Diff Works is going to narrow the rear end 2 inches per side to tuck the rubber and add a posi-traction unit. Look for a killer interior and Polk audio system from Auto Accessory Warehouse, as well as an appearance at the SEMA Show in November.

Cash For New ShoesToyo Tires announces its '07 Grab the cash sales event for select Open country A/T and Open country M/T tires for pickups and SUVs. consumers will receive $25 back per tire, as much as $125, with a mail-in rebate when they purchase as many as five qualifying tires from an authorized Toyo Tires retailer. Purchases must be made between May 15 and September 30, 2007.

Toyo's computer-designed and -developed Open country tires are popular for today's trucks, providing an aggressive look, a smooth ride, and improved overall performance.

The mail-in rebate form, complete rules, list of authorized dealers, and qualifying Open country tires are available now at click on the Grab the cash banner. While there, explore Toyo's full line of Open country radial tires for light rucks and SUVs, and search for a Toyo dealer near you.

10 Most Worthless Facts1. Ford's new 6.4L Power Stroke diesel features high-pressure common-rail fuelinjection and sequential turbochargers to deliver impressive power while still meeting today's emission standards.

2. In 1977, Dodge released the Warlock, a factory customized D100 or W100 chassis with a 6-1/2-foot cargo box. It was available with a 225-cid slant-six all the way up to an optional 440-cid V-8. Colors offered include bright red, medium green, sunfire metallic, and black sunfire metallic.