Galen's Pick
Favorite Truck:
Jay Martinez' '99 Gmc Sierra
What Issue:
March 2007
Where You Saw It:
Cover And Page 58
Why Galen Picked It:
When a guy builds a cover truck and doesn't even think twice about pulling a trailer behind it, that says a lot. Jay's philosophy is that it can be fixed, and that is exactly what happened. Most people would have lost hope and started a new project, but not Jay. Six months later, this incarnation of the truck was sitting on the floor of the Las Vegas convention center at SEMA, done again.

Mike's Pick
Favorite Truck:
Tom Pagano's '56 Ford F-100
What Issue:
July 2007
Where You Saw Her:
Page 58
Why Mike Picked It:
This is easily my favorite truck that we've featured in Sport Truck this year. Tom's truck has everything I look for in a custom truck: power, style, and uniqueness. The blown Mustang Cobra mod motor looks amazing, but I think my favorite part of this truck is the spun aluminum fuel cell, surrounded by all of that stainless steel tubing, mounted in the bed. The fuel cell looks old-school, and it's the perfect accent to this truck. If you ever get the chance to hear this uncorked truck run, you'll swear you're standing next to a PSCA race car that's about to run the the quarter in less than 7 seconds. It's nasty!