Courtney started this build with a trip to All Ford Auto Salvage, (714) 993-2110, where he picked up a Paxton Supercharged 5.0L engine, a five-speed tranny, a driveshaft, and all of the wiring and fuel system goodies needed to make the engine and tranny combo work in the truck. Then, right around the corner, he stopped at Currie Enterprises, (714) 528-6957, and ordered up a brand-new Currie 9-inch, complete with limited-slip and Explorer rear disc brakes.

The rest of the plan includes IFS, a power brake conversion, paint, upholstery, and lots of trips to the chrome shop. Keep an eye out for a series of tech stories on this truck, including installing the EFI motor, setting up the suspension, and doing the bodywork and paint right here in your favorite magazine, Sport Truck.

The Karma-Mobile
Remember the bitchen Chevy Tahoe we gave away with Stylin' Trucks earlier this year? You don't? It had more than $25,000 worth of enhancements, including a lowered DJM suspension, MagnaFlow exhaust system, a Crutchfield stereo system, Cal-Vu sport mirrors, and a Street Scene chrome speed grille. Now does it ring a bell? Good. Well, the winner was chosen, and it turned out to be Jane DeLoache of Nashville, Tennessee.

The vehicle is certainly a step up for DeLoache, who had not had reliable transportation in years. This made it difficult for her to volunteer in her community and help her family, two of her priorities. Obviously, her luck has changed. "I guess this is the good karma SUV. I can finally get out there and do things for people," Jane said.

Another one of DeLoache's passions is her art. She is a freelance photographer and believes this truck will also help her expand this pursuit. "Now I can head off to all the good karma places, like California, and find inspiration. I can easily fit a surfboard and all of my photography equipment in here," she chuckled.

John Milos, president of Stylin' Trucks considers this vehicle a work of art in its own right. "This vehicle was designed by one of our call center agents, a true truck enthusiast. By partnering with DJM, Crutchfield, and the many other vendors, we created a truck with unparalleled design and performance."

"When you drive down the street, kids are going to take pictures with their camera phone," Milos assured DeLoache. "After all, it's Stylin's mission to make trucks look good and go fast."

DeLoache agreed and is confident her new truck will make a statement in Knoxville. "I guess, it will give my fuddy-duddy neighbors something to talk about," she said with a bit of mischief in her eyes.

She considers this truck a new member of the family. "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship," she concluded.

10 Mostly Worthless Facts
1 For the '93 model year, Dodge "magnumized" the new 5.9L V-8 engine. It scored 25 more hp and 30 extra lb-ft of torque, thanks to a new sequential port fuel-injection system. This netted 230 hp and 325 lb-ft in power output.

2 From 1973 to 1984, GMC built the Indy 500 Special and Indy 500 Hauler special edition trucks each time a GM car paced the historic race. In 1980, the Pontiac Trans Am was the Indy pace car, and the Indy Hauler was a two-tone white and charcoal truck with a large Firebird graphic (silver with red accents) applied to the hood. The Indy truck also featured a front spoiler, aluminum rims, blacked-out grille, and bold letters, stating "GMC Indy Hauler," along with the text and Indy graphic on the doors. The dualie edition of the Indy Hauler became famous after appearing in the original Cannonball Run movie.

3 More recently, GM released the '03 SSR Pickup Convertible Indy 500 Pace Car, which cost $41,995. For the money, you got a paltry 300 hp, which motivated the SSR to pitiful 15.9 quarter-mile e.t.s at just 90 mph. If we are going to pace the field at Indy, we'd rather have something with some balls, like the SRT-10.