Truck of the Year

Our first mini-truck to take TOTY honors belonged to Dan Webb. His '98 Ford Ranger flexed a 302/Tremec five-speed combo and staggered 17-/20-inch combo, but that really isn't what counts. The body was heavily massaged into something that resembled a Ranger but was so much better. The alligator-skin covered seats were merely a bonus for your viewing pleasure.

Truck of the Year

The cover truck for the December issue is probably the baddest Chevy C10 ever built. That's a bold statement, but Joe MacPherson's (as in MacPherson struts!) '70 Chevy is a literal rolling work of metalcrafting art. This thing was so rad that it took two different stories to detail all the mods and hard work that went into it.

Truck of the Year

James O'Neal's purple '93 Chevy Extended Cab was one of the first trucks to feature a huge monitor stuffed into the dashboard. It also laid flat on the ground, the entire front end was molded together, and the engine and bed areas were detailed to the nines. Seven years later, James is still building rockin' audio and video systems at Devious Customs in California.

Truck of The Year

Cadi-Klysm put Shant Bedrosian on the Sport Truck map when we shot it for the December cover. Arrow-straight custom bodywork, a Pro Street tube chassis, and a Cadillac Northstar drivetrain were just some of the highlights that put this over-the-top custom into the record books.

Truck of the Year

Take away Jesse Jane from the photos of Gabe Lopez's '68 Chevy, and this truck still gets our mojo goin'. The smoothed and molded exterior is one thing, but the professional upholsterer went gonzo inside the cab, creating everything by hand and covering it in supple leather.

Truck of the Year

It must have been a logistical issue that stopped us from putting this dualie on the cover. Or maybe it was because Gary never mentioned the guy's last name in the feature story. Whatever the reason, it doesn't matter. The bottom line is the guy smoothed and painted the freakin' cab floor with the same graphics that ran all over the outside of the truck. Nuff said.

Truck of the Year

The KRZ Chevy Silverado can take much of the credit for putting the body-dropless chassis on the map. Many of the guys in Central California who are now building them did time at the now-defunct KRZ shop, and this Chevy was the first finished project we trained our lenses on. It was a trendsetter then and still holds up to today's standards of custom-truck building.

Truck of the Year

There's no doubt that Chip Foose is the pulse of the automotive industry, and we're all trying to lay a finger on him. So when he let the ST staff hang out on the set of the Overhaulin' TV show while his shop built the Napa Chevy S-10, we got more than we bargained for. From the blown rat motor to the 22-inch-wide rear tires, this truck was our favorite of the year.

Truck of the Year

Tom Pagano built one of the most amazing trucks of any vintage. Period. This issue is worth buying the back issue of just to see his '56 F-100, and the free poster of Lana Kinnear doesn't hurt either.

Truck of the Year

Caldwell finished his '07 Chevrolet in no time flat. The truck was shot for the November '07 cover sitting flat on the deck and then shot again for the March '08 cover, this time fully customized. Every panel on the truck was touched, and the thing lays out over 26-inch wheels.