Some trucks sneak up on you. You’re strolling the rows at a show absolutely bursting with multi-hued, striped, paneled, and flamed this and that with neon frame lights, stroboscopic marker lights, and big thumpity subs, all snapping at your ankles, vying for your attention. In the middle of it all is a seemingly plain-jane, monochromatic smoothie, resting comfortably down in the weeds where it belongs. No big-booty bass assault or flashing neon to confront your senses—only a super-clean, Cyber Green Ranger. You know John Horgan’s in town. John spent four years building his ’94 Ranger Splash into the righteous piece of rolling art you see here. From the looks of it you’d think that John’s an old hand at building trucks. Truth of the matter is, this is his first-ever project. His philosophy during the buildup was to do it right the first time, and we think he succeeded.


Owner John Horgan

Westchester, IL

Vehicle ’94 Ford Ranger Splash

Engine 4.0L V-6

Transmission Auto

Suspension front BellTech 3-inch dropped I-beams, AIM Industries airbags, AIM shocks rear Ladder bars, AIM airbags, AIM shocks

Wheels 17-inch Niche Bahn

Tires 235/40-17 BFGoodrich T/A

Paint 2000 VW Cyber Green