This year's winner of the Sport Truck Low-Buck Challenge is Jonathan Hoffman of Saratoga Springs, New York, and his '92 S-10. For his efforts, Jonathan will receive a gift certificate from JC Whitney in the amount of $1,000 and a full feature here in Sport Truck. This is the second year that a first-generation S-10 has taken the crown, leading us to believe that these might just be one of the easiest trucks on the wallet to build. Of course, ability and talent come into play as much as the money does, and we think Jonathan demonstrated that in his build.

Jonathan bought the truck when he was 17 years old and preceded to build it from a stocker to what looks to be a performance-focused build with the large cowl-induction hood, rollbar, and Torque Thrust wheels. The truck stayed that way for a few years while he enjoyed driving it, until he read about last year's winner and decided, "Hey, I can do that." New paint, 20-inch wheels, and a shave job were the predominate changes Jonathan made. The rest of the work might fall under the restoration category rather than a custom touch, but it looks good all the same. Again, this is just a teaser. Once we can haul our sorry butts to New York and shoot his truck for the feature, we'll bring you the whole story.