Robert Cianciminio is what you might call a performance veteran. Over the years, the 40-year-old enthusiast has built and driven a variety of machines, including cars like a '64 VW Bug with suicide doors and a '67 Camaro Z28, plus modern musclecars like an '02 Corvette and the latest, a '06 Dodge Charger. There have been about 38 vehicles that Robert has owned over the years-give or take. "I'm definitely a motor sports junkie," Robert tells us.

In May of 2003, Robert kicked around the idea of opening up his very own shop. After mulling it over and scouting locations to find the right spot, he gathered up some cheddar, a few signatures, and his first born, and Robert was in business. Going into business for yourself is not an easy decision to make. You have to be business savvy and know what people want to buy. Robert had both in his favor. As a project manager for a large glazing company, he learned how to supervise outside contractors, manage the budgets he was given to work with, and finish projects in a timely manner. With 23 years of experience customizing vehicles, Robert has the ability to build anything from the ground up (without any left-over parts) and the talent to recognize the next upcoming trend.

In August of the same year, Robert opened the doors of SS Motorsports in sunny Rancho Cucamonga, California. Even though the doors were open and business conducted, Robert still had to work his full-time construction job, then he could make his way over to his shop and make sure things were flowing smoothly and help with any of the installations or fabrication. That lasted for a little more than a year, until there was enough business that Robert was able to quit his day job and dedicate time to his business. Fortunately, for Robert, he has a kick-ass shop manager and installer, so he doesn't have to worry about projects getting turned out on time.

Like we said earlier, Robert has always been into custom vehicles, and when he got his hands on the '04 Chevy 2500 HD, he wanted to lift it right off the bat. He wanted something that was going to stand out and attract people to his shop. That continued for a while, but when you drive down any street in any city and see 10 lifted trucks just like yours, you don't stand out anymore. So, Robert's mission was to make his run-of-the-mill Chevy tower over the rest, again. Companies such as CST Suspension, Fox, and Toyo Tires were quick to hop aboard with this project. In six long weeks, the truck emerged with a whole new look. Robert tells us that the longest part of the build was waiting for the parts to come back from powdercoating and chrome. When building a vehicle in your own shop, you need to make sure that it doesn't interfere with customer's projects. A truck taking up residency on a lift for a couple weeks not getting worked on tends to throw a monkey wrench into the flow of things. Although, Carl Forhan, Robert's shop manager and partner, made sure that the flow remained smooth through the entire build.

Robert has worked very hard to be able to live his dream, and with vehicles like this 2500 HD, he will be living his dreams for a long time to come.