Mike Finnegan of Garden Grove, California, is a custom truck enthusiast, who is not satisfied with just the average show truck and is constantly figuring out ways to make his '67 Chevy shortbed more detailed and eye-catching. Since he has owned several previous custom pickups, including his most famous, Burnt Taco, which had a 72-color paintjob, followed by an '86 Chevy dualie, then an '87 Chevy dualie, Mike has serious training in modifying a wide range of trucks. With all of these asphalt-dragging customs bought, built, enjoyed, stolen, or sold, the '67 was next to get the low-stance, big billet wheel-clad, musclecar-mini-truck-styled treatment.

If you're a Chevy truck fanatic, or even a part-time truck enthusiast, you've likely noticed how '67-'72 Chevy trucks have exploded in popularity-especially among owners who build and modify their toys. And why not? Enough trucks are around to keep prices affordable-they're the right age, too-and tons of quality parts are also available. When the work is complete, they can look very good. With that said, it's no accident that Mike chose a '67 Chevy C10 as his project vehicle-one that, as it sits, can be described as awesome. Starting with something straight only helps matters, but, as Mike learned, it takes vision and dedication to see your project through to completion.

As it stands, his truck is a testament to the abilities of its creator. He has this advice for those who wish to undertake a similar project, "Buy the wheels and tires first, and paint the truck last." Mike's vision, dedication, and talent, plus plenty of effort, have resulted in an exceptional vehicle that will perform in all departments. It's a classic with modifications that add to its timeless beauty and style.