As owner of Kustom Werx Autobody, in Conroe, Texas, Cory Scott has the ability to build some pretty rad vehicles. One of the best trucks he has built was an '00 Chevy Silverado that was airbagged with a custom cantilever rear suspension, built similar to one on an open-wheel race car. Since Cory is a big-time collector of Hot Wheels model cars, the Chevy was painted blue and had a flamejob similar to the logo on the packaging of the die-cast replicas. The truck that's better known as "Cory's Hot Wheels truck" was trailered to all of the major shows around the Houston area.

At the time, Cory did not have another truck or trailer, so he borrowed rigs from his friends to tote the '00 Chevy to all of the events. He soon grew tired of bumming tow rigs for the truck and decided to sell his Hot Wheels truck in order to buy a brand-new Chevy HD with all the bells and whistles. The idea was to have this stock truck ready to haul when he was able to build and finish the square-body Chevy truck of his dreams.

When Cory purchased the truck, it was factory white, and he absolutely hated that. With not even one payment paid, Cory decided to tear it apart for a custom paintjob. Since it was a going to be a full color change, he pulled off the front clip, the doors, and the bed. The truck was still going to be fully functional and needed to have a bumper instead of a roll pan. So, Cory made the factory bumper ready for show by raising it up 1 inch, then plating, boxing, and smoothing it for paint. He figured with the truck disassembled on the exterior, he might as well pull some of the interior plastics to paint, as well, which would bring more color to the inside.

Once everything was smoothed, blocked, and primered, all of the pieces were brought over to the paint booth, where Cory completed his first complete paintjob on this truck. When the coats of PPG Bahama Blue dried, Pat Maxwell laid down the orange graphics with clowns airbrushed in the background and a painted-on custom trim. When the truck was put back together, Cory also installed a DJM 6/8-inch lowering kit over these 22-inch Billet Specialties wheels with Nitto tires.

After the HD was freshly painted and lowered, Cory took it to a show in order to promote his new auto body business. During the show, he decided to go full custom and airbag the truck when he got back to his hometown. Cory knew that one of the few people who would be able to airbag this HD correctly was practically in his backyard. That person was Bill Carlton of Ekstensive Metalworks, who not only got the truck to lay frame, but he also made it reliable enough to haul whatever Cory needed to tow.

With this truck all set up and ready to go, Cory found his next project truck. It was an '85 Chevy that was ready to be tailored to Cory's liking. That truck is the one being hauled on the opening spread of this feature. It is also a full-blown custom truck that received its own Sport Truck feature in our Dec. '06 issue. Not only does Cory own a clean '85 Chevy show truck, he has a full custom rig that is show-worthy, too. Leave it to this paint and body pro to create such a clean setup.