As much as we would like to say some people were born with a wrench in their hands, this is just not the case. We all get started in the custom industry because of someone's influence. A dad, a brother, a friend, and heck, even someone on TV can take a young kid and turn them into a grease monkey. In the case of Bryan Reitz from Woodlands, Texas, his father is responsible. Ray Reitz has been known to do some bodywork and build custom rides, and he has passed that knowledge down to his son.

Bryan, at the ripe age of 15, bought an '02 Silverado with high hopes of making it his dream truck. The truck went through the typical custom timeline, getting a static drop and some mild paintwork before becoming the all-out ride you see here. Bryan did all of the shaving and sheetmetal work with the guidance of his dad, getting it nice and smooth before taking the truck to get painted. Bryan decided to have Kustom Werx spray the truck, while Pat Maxwell was pulled out of the bullpen to design the graphics. Not only was the outside painted in the Tangelo Orange and Sparkle Silver hues, but the interior panels, engine pieces, and frame also got a few coats.

To get the suspension on par with the exterior, Bryan hooked up with the crew at Ekstensive Metalworks to fabricate the 'bag system to lay the truck over the 22-inch wheels. They used a two-link out back and a 'bag up front to get it low, and two huge tanks of CO2 are on tap for plenty of up and down fun. The big bottles are hidden under the smooth tonneau in the fully smoothed bed. Instead of the standard black or even one-color bedliner, Steve Spoon at A-Affordable Bedliner matched the graphics when he sprayed the liner.

Inside the truck you will find the stock bucket seats wrapped in ostrich leather, surrounded by a custom console and speaker box that Bryan built himself. The trimmers at Advanced Auto Trim also covered the headliner in the same ostrich they used on the seats. The system that Bryan put in is just as impressive as the rest of the truck with almost 1,500 watts of audio muscle. If you are tired of just listening to tunes, there are two screens fitted in the headrests and a 10-1/2-inch screen molded in the dash.

Under the hood of the truck shows just as well as the exterior with a slue of painted pieces and even a painted firewall. The fenderwells had to be removed to clear the tires when the suspension is dumped, but Bryan keeps the compartment cleaner than most of us ever will. He also installed a set of Hooker headers and a K&N intake to pump up the ponies, and a MagnaFlow exhaust lets it all breathe with a nice growl.

Future modifications include a bigger set of wheels and a body drop, but even without that stuff, Bryan's truck is pretty damn cool. We are glad Bryan's old man passed along the knowledge, sparking the gearhead inside, because his truck is very nice, and we think it's Bryan's time to shine.