In order to properly kick off Sport Truck's 20th anniversary, we decided that a few introductions were necessary. I mean, we can't have you guys (and girls) out there reading your favorite magazine without knowing a little something about the staff that brings this whole mess together once a month. Enjoy.

The 411
Senior Editor
Years On Staff:
In My CD Player Right Now:
Montrose, "Rock Candy"
Words I Live By:
Respect, humility, and when all else fails, revenge.

Q: What is it like to work for Sport Truck magazine?
A: It's not bad at all. The hardest part for me was transitioning my behavior from a shop environment to a corporate world. I really enjoy getting to meet some of the smartest gearheads around and learning from them.

Q: What did you do for a living before working at Sport Truck?
A:Right out of high school, I joined the U.S. Army. While I was enlisted, I worked as a generator mechanic and traveled to Korea. After a four-year stint in the military, I went to work at my father's upholstery shop. I stitched and wrapped custom interiors with him for about seven years.

Q: What is your dream truck?
A:With a little help from Eye Kandy Designs, you can see my vision, '67 Panel Truck. Now this is not a stock panel by any means. The plan is to shorten the body down to the size of a shortbed pickup. I guess I could find a Suburban, cut it down, and remove the glass, but I think a panel would be a little less work. I think an 18-inch Budnik Fontana with at least 12-inch-wide rubber will fit nicely under a mild 4/6 static drop. The paint is Candy Root Beer Brown on the bottom, Champagne on the top, broken with a burnt orange flame detail striped in Kawasaki Green. The interior and drivetrain are still up in the air as to what I will do, but this one will be made to drive.

Q: What are you building right now?
A: Right now, I have two trucks to work on. One is a '68 Chevrolet C10 that has a Yenko-inspired theme. I need to rebuild the broken rearend and build a big-block for it, which will pretty much finish that one off. The second truck is a '89 longbed standard cab S-10 that I stole from my grandparents. Hey, they weren't using it anymore. I'm going to build this little truck with a military theme on the tightest budget I can stand. I'll rock the Army green for a while, which will give me some time to stash more money and ideas away.

Q: How do you spend your free time?
A: This is kind of a trick question because I'm not sure I have any "free" time. I would have to say when I'm not wrenching on stuff, I'm either watching some TV or cleaning something. I'll let you in on one of my personality traits: I'm an obsessive compulsive neat-freak. I wish I could be a slob and just relax but that is not the case.