Jonas DeForrest is no newcomer to infatuation with clean custom rides. You see, he's been going to shows with his dad since he was a little kid. When he was old enough, he was encouraged to start his own venture and he looked to custom trucks. Once he'd built up the courage to actually build one himself, there was no stopping him.

For anyone who's ever built his first custom vehicle, it's common knowledge that impulse decisions and a huge learning curve are involved in the uphill battle to build something to its finished state. And since Jonas lives in an area with a high concentration of show trucks, he wanted nothing less than a trophy collector. It was with this approach that Jonas starting building the '98 standard-cab S-10 seen here.

Jonas started by formulating a plan of attack on his recently purchased dime and made the decision to build as much of the truck as he could on his own. He worked on saving up enough greenbacks to buy the suspension components needed to bring his truck much closer to Mother Earth. Once they were purchased, he began with the front suspension by installing Belltech drop spindles and Air Ride Tech's CoolRide setup. Bringing down the rear is Air Ride's bolt-on RoadGrater setup. Once the truck was down to a respectable frame-dragging height, Jonas picked up some 20-inch chrome Billet Specialties wheels.

With the suspension handled, Jonas handed over the keys to Scott Williams who tackled the body the same way Jonas tackled the suspension: no holds barred. He shaved out just about everything on the truck, including tightening up the gap in the tailgate and roll pan and the gas door. After the truck was completely smooth, he sprayed it with House of Kolor Lime Time Green, black, and gold and silver leaf, a combination that really draws attention to this ground-hugging beauty.

Jonas found that he liked the S-10 just a little more than he had before and couldn't wait to drive it and enjoy the fruits of his labor. Before actually finishing the project, he turned his attention to the interior. A peek inside the cab of Jonas's dime reveals that the stock seating was replaced with bucket seats out of a Blazer and wrapped in leather and suede. Accenting the seats' new attire is a host of billet goodies peppered throughout the cab and a custom center console built by Jonas. The dash houses an Alpine head unit that orchestrates the signal running through the Diamond Audio speakers.

After all the time and money he's invested in his ride, Jonas says besides the skills he's picked up along the way, the most important thing he's learned is that patience really pays off.

With the S-10 complete for now, Jonas has been very active. This green and black standard-cab has racked up hundreds of miles on the odometer, and you can rest assured that this clean ride is no trailer queen. It sees every mile to and from shows in the Southeast, and it gets there and back without so much as a whimper from under the hood or the suspension. Jonas, on the other hand, may do more complaining about the lack of room in the single cab after the long hauls to the many shows he takes names at.