Sport Truck
Billy Lerner * Edgewater, Maryland'96 Chevrolet S-10

After spending almost 10 years dreaming up ideas for the perfect truck, Billy Lerner had a master plan when he finally acquired this '96 S-10. Combining his love of fast cars and low trucks, he was determined to build his dream to not only pull trophies but hold his own on the quarter-mile as well. Over the course of the three-and-a-half-year build, the truck did not leave Billy's garage. This isn't the product of shops and sponsors-it's the result of one man's blood, sweat, and tears.

Knowing that he wanted a serious powerplant in his truck, Billy decided that a 350 swap wasn't going to cut it. So, he decided to go with a 582 Dart motor, but even that wasn't enough. Billy went about upgrading everything he could to squeeze more power from his machine, from the Quick Fuel Technology carburetor to the MSD ignition. However, after every component of the motor had been modified he still wasn't happy. Sitting on 782 hp would be more than enough for most guys, but before Billy could be satisfied he installed a custom NOS Race Fogger system to complete the package. Not only does the truck put out almost 800 hp, it is also legally tagged and runs on pump gas.

When Billy was pleased with the motor, he knew he would need a frame that could withstand the power that he had planned for his truck. He also knew it was essential that it be lowered to a ground-hugging stance. So, Billy set off with some 1-5/8-inch round tube and built a double-rail chassis that incorporates a dual Funny Car rollcage. A custom cantilever suspension setup made from polished, 1-inch by 0.083-wall chrome-moly tubing was used in both the front and the back to allow for more lift with airbags. The custom wishbone and four-link setup was built for the rear to enable the truck to untuck the massive 33x22.5 Hoosier tires. To keep the system looking as stealth as possible, the air tanks for the suspension are actually two of the four nitrous tanks located in the bed.