Billy continued on to the exterior of the truck and ended up performing more body modifications than a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. He started by shaving the truck and swinging the doors in suicide fashion. The aggressive look of the S-10 comes from the cowl-eliminating steel hood that Billy fabricated. A custom hood had to be made after extending the front fenders 8 inches to allow the massive engine to fit into the truck. Although the bed appears to be factory, it was also stretched vertically 2.5 inches in the front and 3.5 inches in the rear to allow for proper tire clearance. The rear window was shortened, and the cab corners were raised to match the new height of the bed. The back end of the truck was cleaned up with a pair of Cadillac taillights and a frenched and angled license plate. After Billy finished all of the bodywork, he laid down his first ever paintjob: a flawless House of Kolor Tangelo base and Kameleon Purple-to-Orange flames.

Inside the S-10's bed is a maze of stainless tube work, paint, and carbon-fiber, all under a custom glass and aluminum tonneau cover that Billy fabricated. The bright work comes from the polished cantilever bars and two 3-inch stainless exhaust pipes that run over the rear axle, under the fuel cell, and exit through the roll pan. The bed floor, walls, and wheeltubs are all made of carbon-fiber to keep the weight down and complete the race look.

From the smoothed '55 Chevy dash to the fiberglass center console, the interior of Billy's S-10 is just as flawless as the rest of the truck. A B&M Street Bandit shifter was thrown in to get through the gears, while a pair of Jegs high-back racing seats were installed to keep Billy held in tight. A Billet Specialties steering wheel and tilt column complement the paint, and Ultraleather covers the rest of the interior. Despite the five-point harnesses and painted rollcage, the S-10 is not all business. A Jensen DVD head unit, Pioneer component speakers, and a 12-inch Kicker Solo-Baric subwoofer allow Billy to kick out the jams when taking his truck out for a cruise, which he does regularly.

Billy's S-10 is a dream come true. "I've wanted to do an S-10 for about 10 years now, and I was finally able to put all of my ideas into one truck. Everything from Pro Street to mini-trucks to drag racing-all into one perfect truck."

After our photoshoot, Billy's S-10 went on to win handily in the Sport Truck Challenge. If there is such a thing as a perfect truck, then this is the closest we've seen yet.