Justin Berry Tomball, Texas
'00 Chevy 3500 Crew Cab

Justin Berry took perfectionism to a new level when building his 2000 Chevy 3500 Crew Cab Dualie. Having worked on mini-trucks since 1992, Justin was ready to take on something bigger, something different. Justin wanted a truck that doubled as a show truck and tow vehicle for his 1996 ZX9 -mile drag bike. When Justin has time, he takes his bike to the local drag strip to let off some steam at about 148 mph in roughly 9 seconds. He also travels as far as Louisiana and Oklahoma, so having a truck with plenty of room is a must. With his custom-built bike rack in the bed of the truck, he is able to easily haul his bike, nitrous bottles (a 50 shot for the bike), toolbox, and anything else he needs for the races.

Working at Kustom Werx in Conroe, Texas, Justin is constantly surrounded by the latest and greatest in interior and exterior paint concepts. Due to this constant exposure to new ideas and his own creative mind, Justin revamped his truck three times to get it to where it is today.

"I just get bored real easy," Justin has said of his need to change the paint on the Chevy.

And when we say paint, we're not talking a quick coat of any standard color off the shelf, splashed onto the body. We're talking about repainting the dash, door panels, center console, and the exterior. And of course, the paintjob is not the only thing that was changed.

When it was originally purchased in March of '02, Justin decided that stock Chevy white was not his vision for the truck. It was then painted in Cadillac Pearl White with Kawasaki Green pinstriping on the hood, leading to flames along the rear. At this point, the truck was bagged on 16-inch Eagle Alloys. It looked great to say the least, but Justin was not satisfied. Getting bored quickly with this paint scheme, it was then changed for the second time. This time around, Justin went with a two-tone Kawasaki Green and 19-inch Brentz wheels. Again, it was not quite what he was looking for.

Eventually, with hard work by Justin and his good friend Charles Kell, who also works at Kustom Werx, the Chevy turned into what it is today. The dualie looks amazing with a Kawasaki Green and Dodge charcoal gray base, pinstriping on the hood, taillights, and dash, and sitting on Alcoa 22s. The phrase "easier said than done" definitely applies to the buildup of this gorgeous truck. While painting the hood for the last time(or so they thought) it fell off of the stand and was crushed. In a crunch to get to the Gator Drag show, Justin had to think and work fast to get it in show condition. Luckily, he was able to fix it flawlessly, make it to the show in time, and turn a lot of heads in the process.

When it comes to building a quality, eye-catching truck, Justin obviously knows what he's doing. Changing things up while building a truck is all part of the process. Justin has done this three-fold and managed to turn out one epic tow truck along the way.