Two companies came together to build this 2008 Chevrolet Silverado, producing one haul-ass pickup truck in the process. Snake River Truck and Performance teamed up with Vortech Engineering for this project, which showcases Vortech's new intercooler Twin-Screw Supercharging system. Vortech is well-known for centrifugal style superchargers but this kit is based off the Lysholm design VTS Series supercharger. The Twin-Screw is designed to provide more low-end torque as opposed to the centrifugal, which make its power in the higher rpm range. We all know trucks love bottom end torque and that is why Vortech decided to look into a twin-screw design. This supercharging system features a bolt-on installation and is backed by an optional 3-year/36,000-mile powertrain limited warranty.

Having a supercharger on a truck is nice, but if you compliment it with a few well-placed modifications it gets even better. This truck has been dropped a few inches, fitted with big performance rolling stock, and better brakes to take advantage of all that new power. The body has been upgraded with a rollpan, bumper cover, grille, and a tonneau cover so there will be no mistaking this Silverado for stock.

We got some seat time in this bad boy and we were very impressed with the overall build quality. It rides very nice and stops even better, but when you hit the gas the real fun begins. You can hear a very slight whine coming from under the hood just as the added 116 rear wheel horsepower comes alive and pins you to the seat. If you mash the gas from a dead stop you might as well kiss the back tires goodbye as the supercharger just annihilates them. If you are just cruising down the road and feel the need to bury the speedometer it will do that as well. When you stay out of the throttle, the truck takes on an almost stock demeanor with just a slight growl coming from the exhaust. What is real nice about it is that you can pull right up to the pump and fill the tank.

All and all, this truck came together very nicely and can be used as a daily driver or a weekend racer. That all depends on how heavy your right foot is.

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