A few upgrades were made to help the fuel-injected 4.8L cruise down the highway a little faster. The stock throttle body was spaced out using a JET Powr-Flo throttle body spacer, and the stock tune was improved with a JET Power Module. To give the truck a deeper growl, a Gibson stainless-steel super truck exhaust was hung beneath the Silverado.

Up front, a set of Matrix Projection headlights was installed along with Trenz upper and lower billet grilles. The roof was measured and fit for a sliding ragtop by Advanced Specialties in La Habra. In place of the shaved side mirrors, a set of Pro1 motorcycle mirrors was installed for a little extra styling.

Some trucks are known for their high-horsepower motors, but there's no doubt that this truck will be known for its high-horsepower sound system. Paul knows that without his friends, family, club, girlfriend, and sponsors, his dream truck would never have happened, and he'd like to send a special thanks to everyone involved.

Watts That Sound?Clocking in at nearly 10,000 watts is the monster sound system that is caged within Paul's '00 Silverado. A boatload of Audiobahn speaker components were used, including six 15-inch subs behind the seats, three sets of 6.5-inch speakers set into the doors and center console, along with an additional set mounted in the headliner. Below the custom center console are two Audiobahn horn drivers that round out the highs. Five Audiobahn high-output amps and a 10-farad capacitor ensure that plenty of power is driving the speakers at all times. An Alpine head unit and DVD player were installed in the custom console, and the video signal is piped to two 15-inch Nesa LCDs in the doors, a 10-inch Nesa LCD in the dash, 6.5-inch Audiobahn LCDs in each visor, and two 5-inch Accele LCDs in the pillars.