With a nicely built body-dropless frame, the truck still needed a good working suspension to tuck the 20x8.5-inch Eagle Alloy 025 wheels with Falken Azenis tires and raise the truck up to a driveable height. On the front, a set of Suicidedoors.com control arms and cups were attached to Slam Specialties RE7 'bags and Belltech drop spindles. At the rear, David used a Suicidedoors.com four-link lift kit with Firestone 224C 'bags mounted over the links and damped with Gabriel shocks. While working on the back, a 20-gallon fuel cell from Summit was mounted in the bed to feed the LT4 engine. With the axle attached to the rear suspension, David cut and notched the center of the cab for the custom-made two-piece driveshaft with a carrier bearing mounted toward the rear of the cab.

For the final touches, David mounted a Grant Customs front bumper and welded on a Fender Bender International roll pan out back. The engine compartment was cleaned up with a set of trailer fenders welded to the back sides of the front fenders. Because the alternator on the LT4 was a bit high, David bolted up a Goodmark cowl hood. Since David still has the short bed from the purchase of the crew cab, he plans on making the world's shortest S-10 with a standard cab. Other plans for this truck include a righthand-drive conversion and a turbo'd 2.2L motor with a manual transmission for lefthand shifting. Once these two trucks are finished, it will make for the wildest pair of S-10s around.