When John Meyer at Clean Cut Creations told us he was going to start selling snow cones, we wondered if hell had frozen over. How do you go from building trucks to selling snow cones? But, for CCC, it was a no-brainer. The shop would build a custom vehicle that shows off some of its talent and makes money when it hits the show circuit. Does it get any better than this? With the right vehicle and a little imagination, they turned a rusty junker into the coolest snow-cone truck in the country. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, we present the Snow Sled--a '57 Chevy Step Van that lays frame on 22s. You think that sounds hard? Wait until you hear what it took just to get the van into John's shop.

Before CCC rescued it, this ol' van was destined for a dismal life. John had been trying to buy it for several months, as it was passed around from shop to shop, traded from this guy to that guy, and then traded for some work on a Mustang, where it was finally laid to rest in the back of a body shop just outside of St. Louis. There it had quickly become a storage shed. But, when John saw this truck months earlier, he knew it had the potential to make some cold, hard cash. It took a lot of persuading, but the guy who owned the body shop agreed to let go of the best storage shed he had ever owned.

Back at CCC, the first goal was to get this box to lay down by building a whole new frame with a massive notch, an Air Ride Technologies four-link, and an S-10 rear axle. The stock solid front axle was replaced with an R&B Obsolete front chassis clip that accepts S-10 front suspension components. And wheel selection? Well, that was easy. What else would you put on a Snow Sled besides Billet Specialties 22-inch Rails?

Now that it had been lowered more than 18 inches, the focus turned to making the Sled look cool while serving cold treats. To grab the customer's attention, the van was painted with a blast of arctic white paint and capped off with icy blue and white flames. If you look closer, you can catch a glimpse of the pearl snowflakes flurried throughout the flames. And just like snowflakes, the billet grille is a one-of-a-kind piece.

To keep those customers coming back for more, the interior has been outfitted to be a completely functional snow-cone stand, including serving counters, storage areas, a freezer, and everything else needed to keep those hot crowds cool. And it does the job right, because the Snow Sled has been a crowd favorite everywhere it's gone. While it's not a truck, it is a classic and built to drag, so we've got no problem showcasing it in Sport Truck.