H.E McGonigal is a 5-star Jeep, Buick, and Cadillac dealership in Kokomo, Indiana, that has a bit more vision than most dealerships. The company built this truck for few reasons, including establishing its credibility as a fully functioning restyling shop within the dealership, both in the minds of customers and employees. Allowing customers to see just how far the dealership can take a truck opens them up to many more enhancement opportunities.

When all of this comes together, it allows H.E. McGonigal the opportunity to personalize the buyer's vehicle before they take delivery of their new vehicle. The customer can drive off the lot with the vehicle exactly the way they wanted it, right from the start. This is where the convenience of being able to offer the customer the ability to finance these modifications into their vehicle loan plays a beneficial role. The customer doesn't have to shop around at different stores where they question the quality of the products and method of payment. The intention is not to build crazy SEMA vehicles on a regular basis-they will, if you want-but to focus the efforts on personalizing the vehicles of daily retail customers.

This '07 Dodge Mega Cab HD is more than a bit special. Mega Cabs aren't available with a longbed. The McGonigal crew thought this looked a bit out of proportion. They knew that after adding a massive lift it was only going to make it look more distorted. They went ahead and drew up the modification of extending the frame and adding a longer bed. Although it is visually a subtle modification, it was just enough to pull the overall build together. If you're wondering why a Jeep, Buick, and Cadillac dealership built a Dodge truck, it's because the principle owner of H.E. McGonigal also owns a portion of the neighboring Dodge dealership, Button Motors. This allowed access to the vehicle, and since both are located across the street from a Chrysler transmission plant, they knew that when the truck was completed it would be an attraction for the local community. The truck was completed in less than seven weeks by the dealership crew.