Custom-built Windows-based computer / Alpine PXA-H701 / Alpine RUX-C701 / Alpine Type-X speakers: two SPX-13REF 5-1/4-inch in dash, four SPX-17REF 6-1/2-inch in doors / two Alpine PDX-4.150 four-channel amplifiers / Alpine SWS-1043D 10-inch under front of center console, three Alpine SWX-1243D 12-inch in the rear in a ported cut through enclosure / six Alpine PDX-1.1000 monoblock amplifiers / StreetWires cables, wire, and distribution / 17-inch Sony HD LCD panel / eight Kinetik High Current Power Cells: HC800 for starting the truck; HC2400, HC2000, HC1800, HC1400, HC800, and two HC600 for audio support / AutoPage RS-1000 OLED two-way multifunction remote start, which opens doors and rolls windows up and down / Ohio Generator 200A stainless alternator
By: Brent Davison of Alpine Electronics, Erik Harbour and "Big" Bill Watson, Torrance, California

Relaxed Atmosphere

Special Thanks From The Owner
Wow, where do I start? First off, I'd like to say thanks to Kevin Aguilar for giving me so much crap about my Expedition not being able to drag that it inspired me to make sure this build could drag and then some! But seriously, on to the special thanks.

Todd Faulkner, thanks for building yet another great ride, and thanks for being a friend all these years and putting up with my crap throughout the builds.

Big thanks to Manny, Allen, Big, and the crew at 714 Motorsports for letting me house and build the project there and for cranking out one super-clean interior.

Brent Davison, what can I say? Wow, what a console! Thanks for everything you did on the project, and thanks for letting me use your truck and trailer to get this thing out for people to see it.

The gang at Alpine, thanks for letting us work in your bay-it truly was an honor.

Kinetik, thanks for understanding that I was coming out hard with one heck of a Kinetik showpiece and knowing that it would take some time off to get it done. And of course, none of it would work without the awesome power of Kinetik!

Grant Kustoms and Devious Customs, thanks for making the parts we needed in such a short time. They work and look great!

Ryan Parma, thanks so much for driving two hours every day to help me on the electrical system and making it so clean and clear of junk we didn't need. Kevin Kuenzie, thanks for coming over, bringing the beer, and grinding away.

Big thanks go out to Jeff Mersey and the gang for letting us finish up the bodywork and paint at his shop. Thanks for all of the help and knowledge you brought into the paint and body.

Louie, I can't thank you enough. You were there to the bitter end helping me and making sure this project got to SEMA looking 100 percent. Scott, thanks for lending a hand yet again on the bodywork. You always seem to come through every time we build something representing the lollipop kids all over the world!

Galen Armenta, thanks so much for all of your help and encouragement through the rough nights and even helping Todd while I was out of town even though you had a project of your own to deal with.

"Big" Bill Watson, thanks again for coming all the way from Mississippi to make sure this project made it to the show. I know I can always count on you! Rod Milton, thanks to you too for coming all the way from Tennessee to lend a hand in the final days.

Tom at Billet & Acrylic, thanks again for the awesome billet. Stan at Toyo, thanks for the tires-they fit great and ride clean! Frank and the crew at Lexani, thanks for the last-minute drilling so I could ride on your chrome. Gus and Tom at Ohio Generator, amazing products and thanks for getting the alternator to me so fast. Tim at HushMat, wow, great products-made the audio sound even better! Thanks to Mark at SoCal Detail for coming in late at night to clean the truck for the shoot. It looked great.

Big thanks to all of my sponsors. Without your help, this never could been possible. You have always been there for me, and I hope to be able to return the favor sometime soon!