Reproducing the cries of an orca through miles of dense water can be tough, so Audiobahn's A-2200HCX 1,200-watt and A-235HCX 280-watt amps were used to move the large speaker surface area. These amps are mounted under Plexiglas with all the other caps and crossovers. Audiobahn was also the driver of choice for the whale's audio emission. Three 12-inch subs are enclosed in a tuned box, four sets of 6-inch mids and mid-bass couplers are installed in the doors, and four sets of tweeters balance out the sound spectrum for an even sound wall.

Heading up the visual department are two Sony monitors mounted in the headrests of the front seats, as well as a cockpit-mounted monitor for entertainment. The Sony XAV-7W head unit acts as the liaison between the CD/DVD information and the amplifiers. A whopping 1,440 watts is just what this killer whale needs to keep the other mammals informed of the haps. Free Willy! (In memory of Keiko the killer whale).