It had all come together. Finally, his dream was complete. Not only did he build a truck that allowed him to join the family he dreamed of, but he built a legend in South Texas. And this story isn't over--a new chapter's just beginning. The F-150 was sold to a new owner, Chris Morris, and Chris has started making this legend his own. He's already made changes to the interior, and he definitely has plans for other upgrades. Motor work and a new set of wheels might be in the near future. What about Ronnie? Oh, he's started another legend in the making, a 1955 Chevy Apache. Hopefully we can bait this truck to come out of hiding more than the Myth.

The 411
Stock 5.4L V-8
By: Ford Motor Company

Front & Rear: 20x10 Billet Specialties SLX 45S

Front & Rear: 245/35R20 Nitto NT555

Front: Custom control arms with Chevy ball joints / Slam Specialties 'bags
Rear: Custom two-link with Panhard bar / Slam Specialties 'bags / copper hard lines
Accessories: 1/2-inch Parker Valves / two Viair 400 compressors
Chassis: Step notch / raised inner fenderwells
By: Bobby and Sean at Locomotive Houston, TX

Body Mods:
Shaved door handles, squirters on hood, antenna, taillights / top of tailgate is rolled / gas door relocated inside of bed / new wheeltubs in rear / '03 Harley Davidson front bumper and headlights / billet grille / Grant Kustoms rollpan molded in / LEDs molded into tailgate
By: Corey Scott, Spring, TX

Custom Paint:
House of Kolor True Blue, Tangelo Orange, and Orion Silver / Baby Blue and Lime Green pinstripe / Negative Camber clown airbrushed on tailgate / Tuff Bed liner
By: Cory Scott at Kustom Werx (two-tone) and Pat Maxwell of Maxwell Designs (graphics), Spring, TX

Leather seats with alligator inserts / alligator door inserts / a few interior plastics smoothed and painted True Blue / Billet Specialties Fast Lane steering wheel
By: Alfredo Pena's Auto Trim, Houston, TX

Alpine head unit
By: Owner

Negative Camber

Special Thanks:
"To my big sister, without her I would not have even been able to buy the truck, and everyone listed in the article for his or her hard work."