Chris "Big Body" Tisdale, owner/operator of Big Body Custom Interiors, built this F-150 as a second option. His first truck was being customized by a local shop, which hacked it up so bad it had to be scrapped. He purchased the F-150 to drive while the other truck was being built and didn't really have a plans to do anything to it until he saw how bad his first truck was. Instead of tucking his tail between his legs and giving up, Chris decided to build up the driver.

Again enlisting the help of a local guy, suspension work started on the F-150. When that started going bad, Big Body grabbed the truck and went to Maylay Customs where Chad Oliver and Caleb Meyers removed all the bad work and did things right. Arms were flipped, 'bag mounts made, and an independent rearend from a T-bird was grafted in out back. A new smooth bed floor and wheeltubs were also fabricated and raise up 4 inches to cover up the new rearend. All this work was needed to swallow up the 22-inch wheels and still sit flat on the frame.

Chris was so impressed with the work, he had the guys tackle the body and paint as well. The back of the truck got a full Grant Kustoms Cali Combo welded in and a set of frenched in taillights from a '37 Ford. From there the truck was shaved, smoothed, and coated in a slick Jaguar Red paintjob.

Finally Chris's truck received the quality of work it deserved and it was time for Chris to do his thing. In a flurry of white leather, red suede, and foam, the interior of the F-150 was transformed from a drab cave to a bright high-contrast cabin. To bring some of the smoothness of the exterior into the interior Chris had the guys at Malay smooth and paint all the plastic pieces a clean white. Chris added some red suede and aluminum accents to finish off the door panels. Nu Image white face gauges and a few billet knobs add a little more flair to the dash, and a hand-carved tiki head adorns the shifter.

The completion of the interior marked the end of this build, and Big Body, who was a petitioning member of Severed Ties, was ready to show off his sew fine Cherry Bomb. When the club brothers saw the truck, they decided to give Chris his logo and make him a full member.