Wanting this hauler to haul ass, Steve decided to bolt on a Vortech supercharger. To enhance the superchargers performance, a boost-sensitive ignition sits piggyback on the stock ECM, and a 200 LPH fuel pump was installed. Vortech estimates this conversion brings the Sonoma up to 243 hp and 304 lb-ft of torque. Three-inch chromed tubing was custom-bent to form the truck's high-flow intake, which replaced the stock airbox for increased breathing. A stainless steel after-cat exhaust system from Gibson supplies 2-1/2 inches of resistant free flow. MSD plug wires and a Hypertech programmer finish off the high-performance goodies.

Pulling out the driveline was essential for cleaning and spraying the engine compartment to perfection. The leftover plastic that wasn't removed was striped and dipped to match the blue base paint. All the accessories were removed from the front of the engine, and the brackets, bolts, pulleys, and accessories were given the chrome treatment. The bed was sprayed with a bedliner, and the air compressor was shot with the blue pigment; an airbrush was used for the final detail in the bed. Transparent plastic covers encapsulate the two tub-mounted batteries, and a CO2 tank sits close to the tailgate for easy refill capability.

Inside The Two Lock Box
The Steel Flamed mini's paint scheme was incorporated throughout the fully customized Sonoma interior. Steve hand-molded the fiberglass dash, door panels, and swoopy center console, all of which was prepped and shot to match the blue and molten chrome steel appeal. An indiglo APC flame gauge overlay sits inside the custom dash and is topped off with a Colorado Customs "Fire" billet steering wheel. A set of 6-inch midbass couplers with 1-inch tweeters flush inside the hand-crafted dash. The dash work continues to the right and down, housing a flush-mounted Panasonic 7-inch monitor. Further down, a Stitchcraft leather bezel encompasses the Panasonic CQ-DVR909U head unit.

The swoopy fiberglass console expends below the head unit, contours to the floor, and then goes back between the bucket seats. On the floor, the console houses four Nordskogg Performance gauges that monitor engine vitals, boost pressure, and a Coke can cubby hole (just for Kendra). Steve crafted an armrest that encloses a pop-up Crossfire Audio CFQ-20.2, a 20-band EQ with a two-way electronic crossover. The fiberglass work shoots up and back, filling the majority of the extra cab. The smooth upper surface holds four Car Audio BMFW10DDVC 10-inch sub frequency projectors and a molded skull that rests between the seats. Down the front of the reverberation chamber and behind the seats are slotted openings that display the driver power supply units. A Crossfire 400-watt BMF200.2 and 1000D provides the sound chamber with a whopping 1,400 skull-splitting watts. Being wired up with Scosche spiral core and high-amp circuit breakers allows the sound system to breathe plenty of amp deliverance through the drivers. Keeping a steady stream of juice supplied to the mega-draw power drivers are three batteries and two high-amp alternators.

Gray leather and black suede accents the dark shadows and ghost skulls. The fine Stitchcraft needlework stretches over the seats, door panels, center console, headliner, and backside of the tonneau cover. The liquid chrome flame job on the hood was duplicated in stitch work on the headliner. The same crafted stichwork was performed on the tonneau's bottom side to match the paint scheme on top. Black Mercedes-Benz carpet lines the floor with extra-plush base comfort that deadens refracted noise to help balance sound. Just above the floor is a set of billet pedals that compliments the billet shift lever and window cranks. There isn't a section of this truck that hasn't been inflected with Steve's touch. We see on the back window the Steel Flame Sonoma is up for dibs. We hope this is an indication that another exotic build sits in the midst of Platt's gray mater.