The rear bed houses four of Bazooka's signature 10-inch subwoofer tubes, each treated to its own custom paint and graphics. Along with the subwoofers, much of the S-15's Firestone air suspension system is installed under the flip-up tonneau cover. The system consists of two compressors, two release valves, and a single semitruck tank. The front airbags are rated for 2,500 pounds; those in the rear, 2,600 pounds.

Under the cowl-induction hood, Tokarz turned to his stepfather, who provided assistance in breathing new life into the 2.8L V-6. It was bored 0.030 over, and headers, a high-rise manifold, and valve covers from Edelbrock were installed. Breathing was enhanced with the addition of a 390-cfm Holley, and spark comes courtesy of an MSD super coil and ignition box; the exhaust comes from Flowmaster. Shifting of the 700R4 transmission was enhanced by the installation of a shift kit. Both the A/C compressor and the pulleys have been chromed.

While the system always turns heads, it's the paint that marks this S-15 as extraordinary. Wargo used 27 different colors and shades on the truck, inside and out. Both sides of the truck sport different paint and graphics schemes. The bold paint and graphics are accented by the choice in rolling stock: wheels from Billet Specialties, 17 inches up front, 18 inches in the rear; tires are Toyo Proxies, 215/35R17 in the front, 275/35R17 in the rear.

While Tokarz has said before that he's done with the truck, he means it this time. For his next project, he wants to use a really old truck as the starting point - a '39 or '40 Ford or Chevy - although he's also considering a post-war '46 or '47 Chevy.

As in any project of this size and scope, there are many people to thank. First there's the parents, who provided support and funding. Then there's his stepfather, who helped with the buildup of many of the mechanical components, especially the engine. Kudos go out to Pete Tully at Bazooka, who keeps the truck updated with all the latest gear. Obviously, the project would not have been possible without the talents of John Wargo at The Custom Shop, Wizzards Cleaning Products, Johnny Rod Motorsports, Rob Dotson (whose truck has also been featured in Sport Truck), and Rod McDowell. Finally, Tokarz wants to thank his wife Kristy, who, since their marriage last April, has been with him every step of the way.