What really makes this truck is the interior. A fine mix of custom fiberglass work and electronics makes Robb's Denali a hit in the mobile-entertainment department. A Pioneer head unit replaces the stock unit, providing clean CD sound and audio controls. The head unit feeds low-impedance signals to three 800-watt Alphasonic mono amplifiers and one 1,000-watt five-channel amp.

The five-channel amp runs four 6-1/2-inch-diameter mids and mid bass couplers that are custom-mounted in fiberglass pods fabbed to the door panels. Six tweeters are flush-mounted in the completely custom fiberglass headliner. Three Alphasonic 15-inch subs and three 800-watt amps that power the drivers are displayed in a sick scratch-built enclosure that fills the rear cargo area. An Audio Vox DVD player supplies the video to the 13-inch and 7-inch screens in the custom center console.

A kid from Laos (a small country between Vietnam and Thailand) by the name of Khamla Seelapasay works for Robb. Khamla's skill in custom work is superb, and he performed all the body mods and 'glasswork on the Denali.

With the body and interior ready to go, the pigment was laid down. Black and Lamborghini Orange were shot over the exterior and fiberglass work. Flames make up the transition between the two-tone black and orange. The flames are shot in black and are overlaid by a deep red flame to help smooth the transition. Herb Martinez pinstriped the transitional flames in green, which breaks up the colors nicely.