The toughest part of modifying our project Titan is making sure we improve and not detract from the appearance and performance. Appearance-wise, the changes are a little easier, but performance-wise, it's such a strong package from the factory that we're going to have to be extremely cautious with our approach. The products are starting to come on line for the truck; Gibson and several others have after-cat systems and Jim Wolf Technology is developing cams and other performance components. We may even supercharge our Titan. If we do, we're sure to reinforce the drivetrain. We don't know where the weak links are at the moment, but a boosted 5.6L Endurance V-8 would find 'em quick.

Our first mods will focus on the suspension. At this writing, we're getting ready for a body lift and then out to CST for a 7-inch suspension lift. Rolling stock will consist of BFGs and Boyd Coddingtons; size is still to be determined, but they'll be big.

From a functional point of view, it's hard to improve on the interior space and the cargo bed design. But the interior presents several styling opportunities. We'll explore and discuss those in more detail as the project evolves. But certainly bringing some more color and different textures into the interior is going to be our basic approach.

That same strategy is how we'll approach the exterior. We're working with Jason Rushforth Performance Design on the graphic treatment and color choices. We don't know what they'll be yet, but they're going to be right for this body style. Stay with us as we build one of the most exciting new trucks on the market: the Nissan Titan.