Mike Alexander / Ontario, California

'93 Toyota

2.2L four-banger / five-speed manual tranny / custom aluminum fuel cell built by Chassis By Aaron

Engine work by LC Engineering

FRONT: 19x8-inch one-off Boyd Coddingtons / 225/35ZR19 Nitto NT555s
REAR: 19x10-inch one-off Boyd Coddingtons designed by Mike / 275/35ZR19 Nitto NT555s

FRONT: Contitech airbags connect to a pivot arm and connecting rod to raise and lower the suspension / Bilstein coilover shocks control the ride and feature a mount that isolates the airbag so the truck rides solely on the coilover
REAR: '92 Toyota Supra IRS centersection / axles shortened 3 inches each side by Dutchman Motorsports / hubs swapped from left to right and new mounts were fabricated / cantilever-mounted airbags actuate a lever arm to rotate a cam that raises and lowers Bilstein coilover shocks / a second arm locks out the cam using air cylinders so the truck only rides on the coilovers / handbuilt tubular chassis / tubular control arms pivoting on uni-balls / custom steering

Aaron Iha from Chassis By Aaron

3-1/2-inch body drop / 2-inch choptop / bed shortened 2 inches to remain proportional to cab / everything is shaved off the sheetmtal / suicide driver-side door / one-off Grant Kustoms front bumper / Grant Kustoms tailgate skin / Silver Star Customs LED lighting / gas filler relocated to driver-side doorjamb / Asco valves / Air Zenith compressors / custom air tanks

Chassis By Aaron

None, yet

Severed Ties

First and foremost, Aaron Iha for his dedication and mad skills (None of this would be possible without him. This has truly turned into a labor of love!); Chris at Boyd Coddington Wheels, Nitto, the boys at Grant Kustoms, Steve at RCD, Dale, Woods, Chad, Ben, Jerry, and anyone who's picked up some Scotch-Brite and WD-40 and went to town; Mike's wife Ashley for all her patience and support; Christine, Aaron's girl, for all her support, letting us play with this truck for so long; Kaik Products, LCE, Wilwood, Air Zenith, and anyone else who was roped into helping out; all Mike's friends and family in Severed Ties.