The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer:A Dodge Tomahawk Concept Bike ReproductionDaimlerChrysler has commissioned a hand-built reproduction of the Dodge Tomahawk, the four-wheel, single-passenger vehicle. The Tomahawk replica, sculpted out of aluminum around a 505ci V-10 Dodge Viper engine, will be sold through the prestigious Neiman Marcus Christmas book.

The reproduction is priced at $555,000. The sleek, rolling sculpture combines Art Deco styling with extreme engineering. "The Tomahawk is a scintillating example of what creative minds can do when given the opportunity to run free. It is a pure mechanical sculpture and a joyous celebration of the artistry and emotion of design," said Trevor Creed, senior vice president of design, Chrysler Group.

The Tomahawk reproduction will be fabricated by the original builders as a piece of automotive sculpture. It is intended for display only; the reproduction will not be fully operational and cannot be legally operated on public roads.

Ultra Mini-Trucks For Cubic CapacityBy now, you've seen the Scion xB ultra minivan, er, truck. These boxy mini-trucks are extremely popular in Japan, and Toyota's Scion brand seems to be catching on with U.S. youth. As you'd expect, Nissan has its own box, but the company calls it a cube. Recently, the firm showed a vehicle that it says is developed around the concept of "a compact three-row vehicle with outstanding practicality," dubbed the Cube3. Nissan in Japan says it expects to sell around 3,500 per month.

Here's what makes the Cube3 so...super cubic.

Super three-row packaging:Within the car's compact overall length of 3,900 mm, the cabin achieves one of the highest levels of interior efficiency in this class. The Cube3 is appointed with comfortable, sofa-like seats, one of the car's salient features. Though compact in body size, the knee and head room in the second- and third-row seats allow ample space for accommodating adults comfortably. The large rear-door opening combines with simple and easy seat operations for enhanced ease of ingress/egress to and from the second- and third-row seats. In addition, a minimum turning radius of 4.7 meters ensures agile maneuverability for easy and comfortable driving in town.

Super convenience:Versatile seating arrangements can be configured in very simple operations to match the number of occupants and the purpose of use. The interior also abounds in handy storage places for stowing things away neatly, another unique feature of the Cube3.

Super coordination:Two interior colors and eight body colors combine to give users a wide selection of 16 attractive color coordination schemes for personalizing color combinations. Meticulous attention has been paid even to the colors of the control switches.

Ford-UAW Contract Includes Plant Closings* Cleveland Aluminum Casting scheduled to close by the end of 2003* Vulcan Forge in Dearborn, sitting idle since March, will close at the end of 2003* Edison, New Jersey, assembly plant to close first quarter of 2004* Production at Lorain assembly plant to be absorbed over the next four years by the Ohio assembly plant in Avon Lake* St. Louis assembly plant down to one shift for 2004

'04 Isuzu Axiom BringsDirect-Injection Power to the MassesThe Isuzu Axiom brings state-of-the-art direct injection (DI) to the SUV market with a standard DI V-6 engine. This may or may not breathe life into the underdog SUV maker, but DI engines offer significant improvements in power output, fuel efficiency, and produce fewer regulated emissions. Before Isuzu offered this engine management system as standard on the Axiom and optional on the Rodeo, the only other vehicles available for sale in the United States to offer direct-injection gasoline engines were the $116,495 BMW 760Li and the Rolls-Royce Phantom, expected to be priced well above $300,000.