The Sport Truck 10 Mostly Worthless Facts
1. In January of 1926, the Bureau of Public Roads announced that Indiana had the most paved roads in the U.S., including the Interstate Highway system. The state had more than 48,000 miles of paved road, while California had just 18,002 and New York had just 9,626. Ironically, Rhode Island had just 777 miles of paved roads. OK, it's a really small state, so it's not that ironic.

2. Way before Chevy brought its Suburban SUV to market, Studebaker debuted the first Suburban. The year was 1908, and Studebaker's vehicle was an open passenger car that could be converted to a baggage car simply by taking out the rear seat.

3. In 1978, GMC marketing geniuses added an important option to the Caballero (think El Camino). If you stepped up and chose the "Diablo" package, not only did you get a cool decal on the hood, but instead of the suck-ass 95hp 200cid V-6 engine, you got a super-cool 235cid V-6 that belted out-are you ready for this?-105 hp! Whooee!

4. Sport Truck's in-house editorial staff is four dudes strong, but some days we feel like an army of 12.

5. On Labor Day in 1992, the first ever STA-BIL Nationals lawnmower race was held in Chicago. Nothing was said about the Leafblower Nationals.

6. In 1898, the New York City police department chased speeding motorists on bicycles, not cars. Those must have been some slow cars.

7. Buick introduced electric turn signals in 1938.

8 .Most American car horns beep in the key of F. Kevin belches in the key of G-as in Gross!

9. In 1916, 55 percent of the autos roaming the streets of the U.S. were of the Model T variety, and that's a sales record that has never been equaled.

10. There are 127,000,000 automobiles in America, and if they all cruised at the same time the line would circle the globe 18 times.

Sport Truck Slang Term of the Month
SHAVED-Shaving your sport truck refers to the act of giving it a smoother, cleaner appearance by removing any bulbous features and filling in the remaining holes. To shave an item like a door handle requires the removal of the handle, filling in the holes and smoothing the sheetmetal to make it appear that the handle was never there. It's also a good idea to figure out a new way to open the door afterward.

Boomin' Granny Retires
For the past 10 years, a crowd of well-wishers has surrounded Alma Gates at every car audio competition she's attended, from Spring Break to MECA to IASCA. They ask her for advice. They compare notes on SPL and SQ, and are especially curious about what it took to make her two famous Ford Broncos the loudest in the world. And at the USACi Finals in Kansas City in October, the same well-wishers will have one final chance to eat up Gates' wisdom. The (grand) mother of car audio will bid a fond farewell to her friends there, as she officially departs the car audio competition circuit to pursue other interests.

"It's going to be very emotional," Gates said of her impending retirement. "Since 1996, I've had the privilege of sharing my passion for car audio with people from all over the world. One of the hardest parts about leaving will be not seeing all my friends on a regular basis. I've been fortunate enough to gain an extended family around the world, thanks to car audio, and that I will truly miss."