DaystarDaystar's 1 to 2-1/2-inch ComfortRide coil spacer kits for '94-'03 Dodge 2WD and 4WD trucks have everything you need to lift the front of your Dodge truck for extra ground clearance and to allow the use of oversized tires as big as 35 inches without having to sacrifice stock ride quality. It works great to level the nose of your truck with the back; especially for those who have heavy front bumpers, winches, or pushbars. The kits come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Daystar International Products Inc.Dept. ST841 S. 71st Ave.Phoenix, AZ 85043(800)

FabtechFabtech's extended-length coil springs and cast steering knuckles attach to high-arched crossmembers and provide 7 inches of lift for '00-'03 GM 2WD C1500 trucks without compromising ride quality. The system uses the factory upper control arm in the stock frame pocket, while the lower control arms attach to the new crossmembers. The system includes impact struts, rear block, and add-a-leaves. The system allows the use of 315/75R16 tires.

FabtechDept. ST4331 EucalyptusChino, CA 92710(714)

TimbrenThe Timbren Suspension Enhancement System, or SES, is a hollow rubber spring that mounts between the vehicle's frame and the axle. The Timbren Suspension Enhancement Systems have been designed to protect vehicles against road shock, bottoming out, roll, antisway, and broken springs. Hollow rubber springs increase the strength of the suspension and cushion the ride while absorbing hops and bumps from the road. The Timbren SES works in conjunction with the existing suspension. They are easy to install and no special tools are required. They're available for all light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucks and trailers.

Timbren Industries Inc. Dept. ST381 Westney Rd. S. Ajax, ON L1S 6M6, Canada(800)

Jack-ItJack-It's Dodge Ram Leveling Kit includes steel front coil spacers, dual front shock kit with four front and two rear Bilstein 5100-series zinc-coated shocks, steering stabilizer, upper and lower control arms, and all necessary hardware and bushings.

Jack-It AccessoriesDept. ST1812 W. 3500 Salt Lake City, UT 84119(801)

AutofabAutofab's long-travel kit provides 16 inches of total wheel travel for Rangers and Explorers. This kit includes: tubular race-style radius arms and fabricated pivots; custom coil buckets with welded shock mounts; limit straps and bumpstops; modified beam housings exchanged for your good parts; front differential housing skidplate; reworked left beam pivot bracket exchanged for your good one; Autofab center support bracket for the right beam; crossmember components between radius arm pivots; removable engine crossbar between shock hoops; available ball Heim joints for radius arms and beams; and Grade 8 mounting hardware for all frame mounting. It's a complete bolt-in kit; no welding to frame.

AutofabDept. ST10996 N. WoodsideSantee, CA 92071(619)

Foreman RacingForeman Racing has taken many years of off-road experience to build this 5-inch long-travel lift for '80-'96 Ford 2WD and 4WD F-150s and Broncos. Foreman Racing's commitment to superior off-road suspension design provides extreme-duty components to complement aggressive driving styles. The kit includes modified IFS beams, tubular radius arms, pivot brackets, 4- to 5-inch progressive coil springs, a pitman arm, adjustable alignment cams, and Bilstein shocks. This kit is installer-friendly with mild bracket modification, and it renders 16 inches on a 4WD and 17 inches on a 2WD of suspension travel.

Foreman RacingDept. ST4550 Carveacre Rd.Alpine, CA 91901(619) 659-3538