High-Flow HeadsAir Flow Research introduces its new LS1 aluminum cylinder head designed specifically for late-model Chevy Corvettes, Camaros, and trucks. The LS1 head features 2.020/1.600 valves that flow 300-plus cfm at 0.600 inches of lift while retaining the stock 205cc port volume; that's a 70-cfm increase. It is available in two CNC-ported runner sizes: 205 cc and 225 cc, with 66cc and 76cc combustion chamber volumes available in both versions. AFR's LS1 head is a direct bolt-on replacement head, so no special parts are required. Structural features such as Air Flow Research's trademark 3/4-inch-thick head deck, reinforced rocker stud bosses, and thick-walled runners provide durability.

For more information, contact:Air Flow ResearchDept. ST10490 Ilex Ave.Pacoima, CA, 91331(818) 890-0616www.airflowresearch.com

Lots O' AmperageM.G. Industries has just released its new 200-amp Mean Green Alternator for most late-model Chevy and GM chassis with modular gas and 6.6L Duramax diesels. This unit puts out a whopping 220 amps at just 2,000 rpms. Designed to fit stock brackets, this Mean Green unit is a direct bolt-in. It's great for sport trucks, SUVs, tow trucks, fleet service, and emergency vehicles at an affordable price.

For more information, contact:M.G. Industries Inc.Dept. ST1227 Walnut St.Latrobe, PA 15650(724) 532-3090www.mean-green.com

New KC Titanium Series SlimLiteKC HiLiTES is proud to offer its latest light: the new Titanium Series SlimLite. The KC SlimLite features a unique 6-inch-round, Titanium-looking finish on the housing, plus a flat profile that allows it to fit where many lights can't. The optical-quality glass lens, Ice Blue 130-watt halogen bulb, and precision-polished and focused reflector combine to generate a super-bright, long-range beam of light. The two-axis mount provides for easy and accurate aiming. The KC Titanium Series SlimLite is available individually or in a complete lighting system with two lights; two stone guards; and an easy-to-install, pre-terminated relay wiring harness.

For more information, contact:KC HiLiTESDept. STAvenida De LucesWilliams, AZ 86046(520) 635-2607www.kchilites.com

Need Power?Take your system to the next level with Scosche Industries' new line of mega-power EFX Hyper-Drive Amps. With three Hyper-Drive Amps (300, 400, and 600 watts) to choose from, there's one to fit everyone's individual needs. The EFX Hyper-Drive Amps feature nickel-plated, high-current-handling terminals; RCA connectors; an integrated crossover; and bass boost controls.

For more information, contact:Scosche IndustriesDept. ST1550 Pacific Ave.Oxnard, CA 93033(800) 621-3695

Notch that PipeThe Tubing and Pipe Notching Tool from Proform is great for fish-mouthing hard-coolant lines, exhaust system tubing, rollcages, anywhere you need to prepare tubing or pipe junctions prior to welding. The Tubing and Pipe Notching Tool is constructed of heavy-duty steel and high-grade aluminum for rigidity and it's lightweight. The vise portion handles 1/2- to 2-inch-diameter tubing and is clearly marked in 1-degree increments, which makes it a snap to create accurate, ready-to-weld junctions. The beefy 3/4-inch-diameter shaft practically eliminates hole saw deflection, ensuring each cut is as clean as possible.

For more information, contact:Proform, SpecialtyAuto Parts Inc.Dept. STP.O. Box 306Roseville, MI 48066(586) 774-2500www.proformparts.com

Nitrous FiltersMost people don't realize that the nitrous they refill their bottle with may not be very clean. Debris inside the fill tank can easily be transferred into the bottle and this includes dirt, rust, or corrosion. Nitrous Pro-Flow, a division of Wilson Manifolds, offers stainless-steel nitrous filter adapters that help prevent debris from damaging sensitive solenoids, spray bars, and nozzles. Nitrous Pro-Flow designed its filter adapters to provide protection for the entire system without impeding the flow of nitrous. The stainless-steel body has a removable mesh screen filter that fits standard and high-flow bottle valves with AN-4 or AN-6 lines.

For more information, contact:Wilson ManifoldsDept. ST4700 NE. 11th Ave.Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334(954) 771-6216www.wilsonmanifolds.com