The tread pattern is also a high-tech invention called Hydro Evacuation Surface (H.E.S.). H.E.S. is designed to efficiently channel water away from the tread to reduce the risk of hydroplaning while giving better wet performance. Not only is the tread pattern designed to pump water away from the tread area, it also designed to promote even-surface contact. Bridgestone calls this Consistent Surface Contact (C.S.C) and again is intended to improve dry and wet handling as well as reduce irregular wear and improve ride quality.

One last bit of Bridgestone's manufacturing technical prowess is the Spiral Wrap construction of the carcass. Spiral Wrap is a continuous nylon wrap that encircles the whole tire. This technique provides a higher level of uniformity and helps the tire hold its original shape.

Performance summary: FINN/Bridgestone Dueler A/T REVOWheel: Finn F1000 15x8-inch w/ 4.25-inch backspace; cast-aluminum one-piece; polished aluminum finish

Tire: Bridgestone Dueler A/T REVO P265/70R18 110S M+S. Tread: two-ply steel; two-ply polyester; one-ply nylon; Sidewall: two-ply polyester. Ratings: Tread wear: 500; Traction: A; Temp: B; Max load: 2337 lbs @ 44 psi max air pressure

Wheel/tire weight: Stock: 55 lbs; FINN/Bridgestone: 59 lbs.

Steady state cornering: Excellent grip and feel; good linear response to steering inputs; forgiving at the limit45-mph lane change peak force: 0.88 g

Cornering while accelerating: Lots of grip that's easy to manage while accelerating; tires let you know how much throttle and steering it'll take and are easy and forgiving to balance cornering and forward acceleration; sure-footed

Cornering while braking: High levels of grip with great control; good response to steering inputs with ABS activated

Cold stop, 60-0-mph braking: 0.860 g/139 ft.

Road noise: 65-mph freeway lower than OE; 45-mph smooth surface road noise is noticeably quieter than stock; rough surface quiet than stock. Old blacktop: very quiet; just above wind noise

Ride quality: Moderate

Comment: Significant improvement over stock tires; road shock's attack is muted but not dull; absorbs the energy, but allows enough information to chassis for good road feel

Available sizes:P225/75R15P235/75R15P245/75R16P265/75R16P225/70R15P235/70R15P235/70R16P245/70R16P255/70R16P265/70R15P265/70R16P265/70R17P275/70R1630X9.50R15 LT31X10.50R15 LTLT215/85R16LT215/85R16LT235/85R16LT225/75R16LT225/75R16LT235/75R15LT245/75R16LT245/75R16LT265/75R16LT265/75R16LT265/75R16LT285/75R16

Tokico Trek master R/TTokico has been manufacturing shock absorbers, brake parts, and other hydraulics for more than 50 years and is a major original equipment supplier to a variety of auto manufacturers. Tokico developed the twin-tube low-pressure gas shock absorber in response to automakers' demands for a shock that could provide both good stability and good ride quality. Tokico began working on this technology in the mid 1970s. Since then, much of that technology has been adopted worldwide.

The reason oil is pressurized in a shock is to minimize the negative effects of foaming or cavitation. Oil has some gas or air bound up in solution. When the shock piston moves through the oil, there is a pressure drop behind the piston and the air comes out of the solution and forms foamed oil. For maximum performance and efficiency, the shock piston must work in clear oil.

There are two types of gas-pressurized shocks: monotube high-pressure and twin-tube low-pressure. Generally, a twin-tube low-pressure shock provides a better ride for a given level of control than a monotube high-pressure shock. However, an inexpensive poor-quality low-pressure shock is no bargain.

Tokico's Trek Master combines the company's multistage variable-aperture piston and sandwich valve system with a new base valve design that provides a four-stage, dual-blow-off compression cycle. What that means is the Trek Master gives you some of the best handling, traction, and ride quality available. In addition to the very sophisticated damping system, these shocks feature a low mechanical drag rod guide and piston seal design. Tokico claims this reduces mechanical drag by as much as 65 percent than other shocks, providing smooth operation and long life.

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