For more information, contact: Keystone Restyling ProductsDept. ST, 6821 W. Central Ave., Toledo, OH 43617, (888) 575-3453,

Look, A New TireNow available from Cooper Tire is the new Discoverer H/T Plus tire, designed specifically for the sport-truck, light-truck, and SUV markets. The S-rated tire comes in 11 sizes, and is available in 18- and 20-inch rim diameters, including the popular Dodge Ram 1500 fitments. These all-season tires feature a touring-type directional tread pattern and a rounded mold profile for improved handling in wet conditions.

For more information, contact: Cooper TireDept. ST, Findlay, OH 45840, (800) 854-6288,

No Air Hose HereSnap-on Tools offers the new 12-volt Cordless Impact Wrench Kit as the complete package for tool users who need a cordless tool for on-the-spot maintenance tasks. Featuring a variable-speed trigger and comfort grip handle, the 3/8-inch-square drive power tool comes with a Versavolt Charger and battery pack in one set. Tool and battery housings are constructed with glass-filled nylon for high-impact strength and chemical resistance. The unit's heavy-duty, fan-cooled motor provides 75 lb-ft of torque. With the kit's high-capacity battery pack and Versavolt charger, users can charge the unit in approximately 45 minutes.

For more information, contact: Snap-on Tools Company(877) 762-7662,

Spray It GGSport, a division of the Mr. Gasket group, is proud to offer G-Spray to quiet down the cab of your pickup. G-Spray is a vibration-dampening compound in spray form that can be used to cover those hard-to-reach locations and extremely irregular shapes. This visco-elastic spray contains a significant mineral load that converts vibration energy into low-level heat, providing twice the dampening characteristics of other asphalt material. G-Spray also contains a corrosion inhibitor and improves car audio performance by reducing ambient noise levels. Use on hard-to-reach or difficult contours, such as inside the doors, under the kick panels, or on your subwoofer enclosures. This product also works great on primed or coated metal, fiberglass, plastic, and wood. Each 20-ounce unit will cover 4.5 square feet, and lays down a coat that is 0.032 inches thick.

For more information, contact: Mr. Gasket GroupDept. ST, 10601 Memphis Ave., Ste. 12, Cleveland, OH 44144, (216) 688-8300,

Four Links Of CoolAir Ride Technologies introduces its '04 Ford F-150 AirBar suspension system, a completely integrated bolt-on four-link with air ride. The AirBar system lowers the '04 F-150 trucks as much as 8 inches and comes in a black powdercoat finish. The AirBar system for the '04 Ford F-150-series is engineered specifically to take advantage of existing OEM mounting positions, including mounting the lower four-link bar in the stock leaf-spring hanger for a straightforward installation.

For more information, contact: Air Ride TechnologiesDept. ST, 350 S. Saint Charles St., Jasper, IN 47546, (812) 482-2932,

Get To Stompin' With Your Airforce OnesGodfather Customs introduces Airforce One Performance intakes for late-model trucks and SUVs. These intake systems combine aviation-grade stainless steel polished to a mirror finish, molded Hi-Temp composite adapter boots, couplings, and mass airflow venturi adapters. With these composites, it is easier for the installer to attach the necessary breather lines and temperature sensors. The Power Stack filters used on these intakes carry a lifetime warranty.

For more information, contact: Godfather CustomsDept. ST, 3429 Covington Hwy., Decatur, GA 30032, (800) 231-8789,